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"TransDoc Visual"


For the professional trans technician.

Very Fast Delivery by Email Can be In Use In Hours.

Easy, Menu driven operation - works on any IBM PC.
"TransDoc Visual" runs with all versions of Windows
through Vista 32 bit

"TransDoc" installs on a hard drive and uses 2.0 MB

Very complete coverage of domestic units.
Now includes an interchange aid for the TH4T60E.
Reasonably priced trans troubleshooting help.

"TransDoc" is very current, and will be kept current with
low cost updates. No need to replace the program.
Updates are $ 25 and will handle all installations you
have. We will put out an update each quarter.

"TransDoc" includes a power flow chart for each trans -
A good training aid, and a good reminder for the "Pro".
"TransDoc" can be an excellent sales tool. Customers
can see their problem diagnosed by "Computer"
Includes specifications for adjustments and torque
Easy to Print any page for use at the bench -
no worry about oily finger prints in expensive manuals.

"TransDoc" allows you to easily add your own "Files" with tips, specs, parts information, or any comments. These can be accessed from the Menu for the trans involved. These files are protected and will not be overwritten by our updates.
This feature can also be used to work up a "Reminder" page, covering changes, adjustments, warnings, etc.
Just print the page as a reference for your technician.

"TransDoc" includes for each trans, an index for "Transmission Digest" and "GEARS"technical articles, and an index of "ATSG and ATRA Bulletins"

Gives issue, page, and brief description of material.

Now you can locate articles and bulletins in seconds.

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